Where did you train?

I did my first degree in psychology at University College Dublin, Belfield. It is a 3 year full time course. This is known as a graduate or primary degree. It is accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI). I then went on to specialise in Counselling Psychology which is a 2 year full time course at Trinity College, Dublin. The training involves supervised placements working with clients, course work such as essays, preparing presentations and the completion of a research thesis. This is referred to as a post-graduate degree. I graduated in 1999.

What is a Registered Psychologist?

The Psychological Society of Ireland have criteria that 450 supervised client sessions take place after the post graduate degree has been completed before a psychologist can become Registered.

What kinds of difficulties do you help people with?

Counselling psychology can be of help in a wide number of difficulties and situations. I would have experience of working with people looking to understand and deal with depression, anxiety, stress, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, relationship difficulties and addictions to name but a few.

Can I make an appointment myself or do I need a GP referral letter?

Either way is fine. Many people self refer others make contact by way of their GP.

Where are you based?

I’m based in Dublin 12, off Whitehall Rd West, a few minutes’ walk from the Ash leaf Shopping Centre.

What times do you work?

The earliest appointment is 10 in the morning; the latest appointment starts at 7 in the evening, Monday to Friday.

How long does an appointment last?

Appointments last for 50 minutes

How long will I need to attend?

This varies from person to person and also with the presenting difficulty or difficulties. I usually recommend a starting commitment to one 50 minute session per week over 5 weeks as this enables a person to settle into attending. At that stage we will discuss together how to proceed. Sometimes people feel 5 is enough, other times people will want to agree to another number of sessions such as 5 and have a review at that point. Some people may want to proceed in a more open ended way with reviews on an occasional basis. It is also possible that people who attend for a long or short time get back in contact at a later stage as their life circumstances change.

What is a review as you use the term?

A review here is a discussion between the client and me as to how the sessions are going. It enables us to check in a see if the desired changes as outlined in the previous sessions are happening in a way the client is happy with.

What is your fee?

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email regarding my fee structure. The agreed fee is paid at the end of each session.

Student Personal Therapy

I understand the importance of personal therapy to students on counselling psychology and psychotherapy courses. From a support and self development perspective it is an important part of any training. Whichever way you contact me if you are a student on a training course do let me know as I have a lower fee structure in this instance.